Luogang Associate professor

school of highway


Degree: Dr.

Graduate School: Southwest Jiaotong University


Tel: +086-13399289795

BirthDate: 1985-05-11

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The personal data

  • Department: school of highway
  • Gender: male
  • BirthDate: 1985-05-11
  • Career: Associate professor
  • Degree: Dr.
  • Academic Credentials:
  • Graduate School: Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Tel: +086-13399289795
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  • Address School: The Middle Section of the Second Ring Road(South Part)shanxi
  • PostCode School: 710064
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  • Education experience:

    2009/09-2013/05, Southwest Jiaotong University, Major in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering , Ph.D.

    2008/09-2009/06, Southwest Jiaotong University, Major in bridge and tunnel engineering

    2004/09-2008/06, Southwest Jiaotong University, Major in Civil Engineering College, Bachelor


Dr.LUO has been engaged in teaching and related scientific research works of tunnel engineering ,He is a specialist in submerged floating tunnel(SFT) and highway tunnel.The main research interests include tunneling construction ventilation,tunnel control blasting and tunnel detection,monitoring technology,etc.He had published more than 20 academic papers in important domestic and international academic journals, including Journal of Vibration and ShockPolish Marine Research,Chinese Journal of highway,Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University,Journal of Chang'anUniversity,etc.

Social position


1Construction ventilation technology of extra-long highway tunnel

2Tunnel Control Blasting Technologyin Complex Environment

3Key Technology of Submerged Floating Tunnel

Open Course

1Highway Tunnel Operation and Management

2Survey and Design of Highway Tunnel

3highway tunnel construction

4tunnel engineering

5Testing technology for tunnel engineering.

6Tunnel engineering disaster prevention and mitigation

Research project

12017.01-2020.12, Natural Science Foundation of China51708042Study on the dynamic response and damage of submerged floating  tunnel under Underwater Non-contact Explosion.

22019.01-2020.12Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province2019-JQ008,Dynamic response and damage Mechanism of Floating Submerged Tunnel under Internal explosion load.

32014.01-2015.12,open project of State key Laboratory of Geological Hazard and Geological Environment Protection (SKLGP2014K010),Research on deformation control technology of deep buried soft rock tunnel.

42015.01-2016.12,open project of key laboratory of highway construction and maintenance technology in loess area (KLTLR-Y14-11),Experimental study on the action mechanism of anchor in loess tunnel.

52014.01-2016.12,Central University Fund,study on mechanical parameters and classification methods of surrounding rock of loess highway tunnel.

62017.01-2017.12China Railway Sixth Group Co. LtdResearch on the shock-absorbing technology of the tunnel blasting in the complex environment of the central urban area.

72019.01-2019.12CCCC First Highway Engineering Group Co, Ltd. risk assessment of the highway tunnel of Lhasa to Xigaze highway.

82019.01-2019.12,GuiZhou Road Bridge Group Co, Ltd.,Key technical research of the construction of the multi-fault karst tunnel in the CZTJ-15 section of the Lan-hai Highway

92019.01-2019.12,CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co,Ltd,Research on key technology of road tunnel drilling and blasting construction and wet shotcreting.

102018.10-2019.12,CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co,Ltd,Key technical research of large-diameter ventilation shaft construction for extra-long tunnel, and 2018/10-2019/12.



1Luo G(#), Chen J X, Zhou X J. Effects of various factors on the VIV-induced fatigue damage in the cable of submerged floating tunnel[J]. Polish Maritime Research, 2015, 4(88): 76-83.

2Luo, G(Luo, Gang); Pan, SK(Pan, Shaokang); Zhang, YL(Zhang, Yulong); Chen, L(Chen, Liang).Response Analysis of Submerged Floating Tunnel Hit by Submarine Based on Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics[J]. SHOCK AND VIBRATION2019.

3Luo Gang: Zhou Xiao-jun; Chen Jian-xunThe Dynamic Response of an Experimental Floating Tunnel with Different Cross Sections under Explosive[J]JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH2019.


1Luo Gang, Pan Shao-kang, Jia Hang-hang etc.Numerical Analysis About Blasting Effect Of Digital Detonator AndMillisecond Detonator In Upper And Lower Cross Tunnels[J], The Civil Engineering Journal,20192(16):188-204

2LUO Gang, PAN Shao-kang, ZHOU Xiao-jun,et al.Dynamic Response of a Submerged Floating Tunnel during Non-contact Underwater Explosions[J]. China journal of highway and transport, 2018, 31(6): 244-253.

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Technological Achievements

Honor Reward

Work experience

2015/01 - So far, University of Chang'an, College of Highways, post-doctoral

2014/09 - So far, assistant professor, school of Highway, Chang'an University

2013/09 - 2014/09, Assistant Fellow, State Key Laboratory for Geological Disaster Prevention and Environmental Protection, Chengdu University of Technology.